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Commonly known as PPF or clear bra, Paint Protection Film, protects your vehicle from sap, bird droppings, scratches, salt, chips, and sand.

This thin plastic film is painted to the surface of your vehicle and suspends the current state of your paint in time when installed.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca Instant-Healing PPF is a great recommendation if you’re looking for extra protection for your vehicle. This Paint Protection Film, the Ceramic Pro Kavaca, has the properties that we’ve undoubtedly been looking for. We also use Xpel Ultimate.

Why choose us?

We ensure you have the best possible installation by servicing all vehicles on a lift at eye level. Moreover, our installation services include different stages of vehicle preparation including washing, clay and buff whenever necessary.

We ensure that every surface of your vehicle is covered, and our on-site patterns are manufactured from a leading design database making sure you get the best.

Further, we have a facility that’s not only clean and heated but additionally air conditioned in turn maintaining a consistent installation environment.

We strive to give you services that meet your needs aside from making you get the value of your money. Upon your request, we can repaint your vehicle’s surface before installation.

You are guaranteed excellent service for up to 10 years after installation without cracking or peeling warranted by the Kavaca. Further, we extend this warranty for 12 years to include workmanship without waiting for a claim decision.

We have a team dedicated to rendering you the best services and with such additional guarantee, you have enough confidence to trust our work.

With our years of experience, quality services, and dedicated team, you have nothing to worry about. We stand out from our competition in the vinyl graphics industry and paint protection because of our services and years of experience.


Awesome crew! Took care of the car and walked me through what they did in addition to giving me tips on how to maintain it for the better! I'm going to return here every year for my annual spring cleaning and other detailing needs.


Ajwad Aniq

Hamza and team are very professional. They were willing to be patient with me as they had to correct the mistake and redo a job I had paid another shop to do in the past. Very knowledgeable team that does impeccable work. I would recommend them to anyone and definitely worth the money.


George Singarayer

Brought my newly purchased Tesla Model 3 here to get Ceramic Coating, Full Frontal PPF and Window Tints. Extremely satisfied with the work and follow up. Any little imperfections were taken care without any hassle. I would highly recommend based on their professionalism, value and support after installation.


Ivan Louie