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Our Paint Correction Details are designed to bring a new level of shine to your vehicle, it is the ultimate step in paint reconditioning often making your paintwork look better than when you picked it up. If you have damaged your car paint by scratching, scuffing or trading paint with something else, paint correction may be the solution. We have the best auto paint correction service in Canada. Check here


Paint Correction also known as Buffing or Polishing. This is the highly skilled art of carefully removing damaged clear coat off the paint of a vehicle to expose a fresh, flawless layer of clear coat. Damaged clear coat diffracts light coming into your paint by sending it back in random directions, making your paint look less glossy or faded. When we expose a flawless layer of clear coat, this light is returned with full effect and your paint will look restored.


We couple best modern paint correction techniques and machines with the old art of safely removing clear coat. Employing devices such as electronic paint gauges to measure if it is even safe to correct the clear coat without shortening the life of the paint, using masking tape to armor all exterior plastics so they are not damaged in the process and electronic microscopes to inspect our correctional work on a microscopic scale to ensure you get nothing but the best.

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* Paint correction cannot eliminate deep scratching

Paint correction can also be a solution if you have scratched, scuffed, or traded paint with something else. We may be able to remove these imperfections without you having to pay for paint job.

We highly recommend protecting this investment with Ceramic Pro

Paint correction if done correctly delivers an unrivaled shine but if done incorrectly can cost more to fix than the original cost of the detail make sure your detailer is an experienced paint polisher.

Protect your investment by adding Ceramic Pro or Paint Protection film

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