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What is Car Detailing in Niagara Falls?

When your EV, truck, Luxury SUV or daily driver deserves a day at the auto spa, trust the expertise of professional car detailers in Niagara Falls at our Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer

But what exactly is automotive detailing, and what does it entail?

Car detailing is a meticulous craft that entails the precise cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle to attain an exceptional level of detail. It goes beyond the typical car wash, encompassing every aspect of the vehicle, both internally and externally.

The objective is to achieve a high-quality presentation that highlights the car’s inherent beauty. Thorough detailing not only rejuvenates the car’s appearance to a pristine and well-preserved condition but also offers protection against environmental factors, ultimately prolonging its lifespan.

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Luxury Automotive Detailing Services in Niagara Falls


Wash & Wax

If your car, truck, or SUV isn’t protected by Ceramic Pro coatings or PPF, the exterior is exposed to UV radiation, ice and snow, road salt, and natural toxins every single day. So, it’s really important to make sure you’ve got that protection in place.

Applying an automotive car wax after giving your car a thorough exterior detail and decontamination wash is a smart move to keep it protected every few months.

For those who appreciate the radiant shine of natural car wax, we invite you to explore our Exterior Only Wash & Wax detailing service in Niagara Falls.

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Decontamination Detail

Every single day, the outside of your vehicle gets bombarded with sticky stuff like brake dust (industrial fallout), pollen, bug splatters, and tree sap. Over time, this makes your paint feel rough and unpleasant to touch. And to make matters worse, it slowly breaks down your clear coating.

Decontamination detailing service is a three-step process that gets rid of these contaminants from the exterior, leaving it super clean and ready for a paint protection product.

Once your paint has been thoroughly washed, we give it some extra love by treating it for iron fallout, organic fallout, and clay bar to remove any contamination. And to keep that shine intact and debris-free, we finish it off with a high-quality protectant.

We recommend a Ceramic Pro Coating Package for optimal protection.

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Complete Service Detail

Our best-selling detailing service package in Niagara Falls is the real deal. It’s the full package, combining our decontamination and full interior detailing options into one affordable, all-in-one solution.

Our comprehensive service package includes not only complete service details, but also leather conditioner for seats and fabric sealant for textiles. Additionally, we offer an exterior dressing that restores the vibrant shine of your vehicle.

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Looking for a Showroom finish, inside and out, for your vehicle? Our package is perfect for passionate vehicle owners who crave an immaculate interior and exterior that is as good as new, if not better. Experience the ultimate transformation for your beloved vehicle!

This entails a meticulous decontamination process, followed by a labour-intensive paint correction step that restores the brilliance and lustrous finish of the exterior paint to an unparalleled level.

This comprehensive process utilizes products and machinery sourced globally to ensure your vehicle achieves its utmost aesthetic appeal. 

Additionally, it encompasses extensive rock chip repair, with the ability to correct chips up to 5 feet in length, as well as windshield coating that enhances visibility during rainy conditions.

This package includes:

  • Thorough Exterior Wash
  • Chemical Paint Decontamination and Clay Bar
  • Intensive Single Stage Paint Correction
  • Exterior Protectant
  • Interior Vacuum and Shampoo
  • Glass Cleaned – Inside and Out
  • Windshield Coating
  • Door jambs, center console, dashboard and door cards detailed.
  • Fabric Sealant and Leather Conditioner
  • Exterior Trim Dressing
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