Speciality Detailing for Your Vehicle

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At Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, we offer a wide range of speciality detailing services to protect and enhance your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a deep clean, paint correction, or ceramic coating, we have the services and expertise to meet your needs.

Specialty Detailing

Don’t know if your vehicle problems can be solved by our staff? Send us an email and find out. Here’s a list of speciality problems we can solve for you.

paint drop

Road Paint Removal


Odour Removal


Pet Hair Removal

Trim for car detailing

Trim Redye

car engine

Engine Detailing


Motorcycle Detailing

special detailing

Concrete Removal


Graffiti Removal

paint drop

Paint Transfer Removal


Overspray Removal

Tree Sap

Tree Sap Removal

Car Wrap

Car Wrap Removal

Car Wrap



Trailer Detailing

Cp Aluminum

Aluminum Polishing


Truck Detailing

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Hamza and the Get Detailed team offer clients a luxurious experience. Have a coffee while you wait or pick up your car later on, whichever you prefer.

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