Our most requested car detailing service in Niagara Falls is our Ceramic Pro Coating Service. Ceramic Pro is a clear, multi-layered, liquid nano-ceramic coating that is applied to the surface of your vehicles. It works as a protective shield preserving the quality and shine of the original factory paint of your vehicle. They are highly effective in preventing any minor scratches. When it is cured properly, it should be 3 times harder and more durable compared to your normal clear coats. It contains self-cleaning properties making it easier for you to clean and wash your cars. When the Ceramic Pro Coating is done, any light scratches on the surface of your vehicle can be easily removed by light polishing.

Our car detailing services may seem expensive at first, but you are getting exceptional and professional services done by experts in their field. Other auto detailing service providers might offer less for the same services but are you getting the proper and right car detailing services you asked for? 

If you take a closer look at what is included in their services, you might only be getting a wash and wax and not a COMPLETE auto detailing. That is why their price is lower and you will need to pay add-ons if you need more car detailing services. Also, you need to consider their detailers. Can they properly do the car detailing? What are the tools and products they use? Are they experienced? Can you trust them? 

Here at Ceramic Pro Niagara Falls, we know how important your car is and understand how to protect your investment.

Paint correction is the art of removing the damaged clear coat from your car’s paint to reveal the flawless layer of clear coat. It is sometimes called buffing or polishing. A damaged clear coat will make your car paint look faded and less shiny because the light is sent in different directions. When our professional car detailers expose the fresh and flawless clear coat, the vehicle’s paint will look brand new.

Here at Ceramic Pro, our paint correction service used modern techniques, tools, equipment, and products to safely remove the damaged clear coat. We use specialized tools such as electronic paint gauges to measure if it is safe for our detailers to correct the clear coat, masking tape to protect all exterior plastics, and electronic microscopes to inspect the paint correction job. Ceramic Pro Niagara Falls wants to ensure we are providing the best paint correction services for all our clients.

Paint correction is effective in removing scratches, scuffs, and paint repairs. However, it is not effective in removing deep scratches. Contact us and we will help you identify if paint correction works for your car.

When we are done with your paint correction, we highly recommend maintaining your vehicle’s paint. It is very important that you use the right techniques for washing and cleaning your car in order to avoid swirl marks from reappearing. If you don’t know how to, we will teach you to wash and clean your car properly. Keeping the wax or paint sealant topped up is another thing you can do to maintain your paint in pristine condition. We will show you the right techniques, suggest products, and provide tips for maintaining the shiny and spot-free look of your car.

Before we display or post photos of our customer’s vehicles on our online portfolio and other internet message boards that we sponsor, we ask for permission from you first. Ceramic Pro Niagara Falls prioritizes your confidentiality and privacy; we make sure to remove any identification tags or marks to avoid recognition.  We protect all the personal information you provide and make sure no information or photos are posted without your consent or knowledge.

Ceramic Pro Niagara Falls are more than happy to follow any formal agreements with you if necessary.

A paint coating is an additional layer of protection for your clear coat, can be either semi-permanent or permanent. It offers the highest level of protection for your car’s paint without affecting how it looks and feels. This is considered the sacrificial layer which can be buffed or removed if damaged. It is up to 100 times thicker than wax and harder compared to the normal clear coat providing long-lasting car paint protection. 

To install a paint coating, the car detailer should have experience, time, and knowledge, which is Ceramic Pro Niagara Falls specialty. It also makes it simple to clean your vehicle because of its dirt-releasing properties. 

Our durability estimates only apply to clear-coated paint; other paint systems may vary.

Other than paint coating, we also offer:

  • Glass Coating: When you drive in the rain or snow, having a glass coating on your windows will make it easier for you to see clearly. It can last up to 3 years. 
  • Interior Coating for Leather and Plastics: This will make your maintenance simpler while extending the life expectancy of the interior components.
  • Headlights Coating: Prevents your headlights from turning yellow or fading. Faded or yellow headlights can decrease their light output by 80%. We also offer headlight restoration add-ons.
  • Tire Coating: There is no need for dressing your tires with our semi-permanent tire coating.
  • Metal Coating: This will make grime and brake dust easier to clean on your exhausts and rims.

Yes, we apply paint coating on various parts of the car such as new or old wheels, exhausts, glass, bumpers, or other components for your vehicle. If you are interested in getting individual car parts of your vehicle paint coated, do not hesitate and contact Ceramic Pro Car Detailing in Niagara Falls. We have friendly and experienced staff waiting to assist you. If you are unsure if a specific car component can be paint coated, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

A swirl-free car wash is a washing process that does not leave swirls or scratches on the paint while yet effectively removing dirt and debris. Here at Ceramic Pro Niagara Falls, we use grit guards, two buckets of water, and safe wash media in our car detailing services. The safe wash media should be as mild and gentle as humanly possible to avoid leaving marks on your vehicle. If your vehicle is really dirty, we may need to wash it more than once and refill our buckets with clean water and new soap each time. 

If you want to do it yourself, you can ask our detailers for instructions and product suggestions.

In a company that has such a large number of transactions, dealerships are unable to offer your car the attention it requires, but Ceramic Pro Niagara Falls can! 

Vehicles that are typically prepped by your dealerships are often left with additional wax in creases and crevices, swirl marks from incorrect washing/drying procedures, or polishing holograms from inefficient polishers. In addition, they are NOT perfect when they leave the factory; we frequently find:

  • Scratches near the keyholes from movement in ports and distribution centers;
  • Water spotting from imports awaiting shipment, and 
  • Ferrous contamination from being transported by train. 

Our goal is to make sure you do not have to experience these problems by getting a new car prep service, paint protection film, and window tint to ensure your car looks factory new.

Yes, we can do car detailing in Niagara Falls for your vehicle with matte/frozen wrap/paint. Our professional and skilled car detailers are experienced and knowledgeable in car detailing and use specialized products, tools, and equipment needed in this specific auto detailing service. We use an optically clear sealant, a specialized product designed to protect the finish and appearance of the vehicle. Our car detailers are experienced in using and applying this clear sealant to preserve the matte/frozen wrap/paint without altering its look.

Yes, we do offer fleet services for our valued clients and customers. For more information about Ceramic Pro Niagara Falls fleet services, do not hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call at (289)-272-6235, send us an email at info@ceramicproniagarafalls.com, or fill out our contact form. Our friendly and experienced staff will explain the details of our fleet services. We are available from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Yes, we offer specialty detailing in Niagara Falls for RVs, transportation trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, and boats. Contact us if you want auto detailing for these types of vehicles and watercraft. We will provide all the information and necessary details for this type of detailing. Our professional detailers need to know the exact type, size, model, and type of car detailing services you choose for your RVs, transportation trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, and boats.

It depends on your location. There are certain areas where we can’t provide routine maintenance and keep your vehicle looking good throughout the whole year. We highly suggest contacting us to know if we can provide routine maintenance in your location. Our friendly and experienced staff will ask for your location, car model, condition, and other details. It is best to prepare them beforehand. Please contact us for more information regarding our regular maintenance programs.

We are more than happy to answer all questions and inquiries you might have. Visit our contact us page to know how you can keep in touch with our professional car detailers and customer service representatives. You can contact us by filling out our contact form, by giving us a call at (289)-272-6235, or by sending us an email at info@ceramicproniagarafalls.com. Just make sure that when you send us an email, you include the questions and details of your vehicle.

There is a huge chance that we do know many experienced and professional car detailers in your area. We do sponsor various internet message boards and participate in others as well which specialize in auto detailing. Because of this, we meet various car enthusiasts and expert car detailers all over the world. If you are not in our service area, we can help you get in touch with skillful car detailers in your area. Contact us and we can help you find the right car detailer that can provide the car detailing services you need with our level of expertise.

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