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A Trifecta of Luxury Window Film Options

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At Ceramic Pro Elite Niagara Falls, we offer three exceptional window film options to enhance your experience. Our flagship product, the KAVACA Ultimate IR, is a cutting-edge nanoceramic film that provides an impressive 98% heat rejection. Enjoy crystal clear visibility without compromising satellite radio or mobile phone signals.

Our second option is KAVACA Ceramic IR, crafted using cutting-edge nanotechnology and an infrared layer. This combination provides exceptional heat rejection, glare control, and an outstanding 99.9 percent protection against harmful UV rays.

KAVACA Carbon X is the ultimate nanocarbon window film made today. This advanced film combines a unique blend of nanocarbon particles and IR-blocking materials, resulting in an exceptional ability to block 74% of infrared rays.

If you’re looking for high-quality window tinting in Niagara Falls that provides exceptional UV and heat rejection, our KAVACA Performance Window Films are the ideal choice. If you’d like to learn more about our window tint services in Niagara Falls, click the button below to schedule your personal consultation. 

Our Ideal Window Film Options

A Tint Solution for Every Vehicle and Budget

The World's First Luxury Window Film

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Our BEST Window Film in Niagara Falls

Introducing the revolutionary KAVACA Ultimate IR, the world’s first Luxury Window Film. This ceramic window tint integrates cutting-edge nanoceramic technology in multiple layers to block up to 99% of Infrared Radiation, establishing a new benchmark in heat-rejecting window films.

KAVACA Ultimate IR takes its Next Generation performance to the next level by offering higher VLT percentage films. With its exceptional 2 mil construction, this film provides seamless installation and up to 95% IR blocking, even in 80 percent VLT or nearly transparent films.

Get ready for unparalleled and luxurious interior comfort with the amazing clarity of KAVACA Ultimate IR. You can enjoy all the benefits without sacrificing the tint of your windows.

KAVACA Ultimate IR is the ultimate in heat-rejecting window film technology – a true game-changer! You can find it exclusively through Ceramic Pro Elite Niagara Falls and other Elite Dealers across North America.


Ceramic Tint with Crystal Clear Vision

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The Best VALUE in Ceramic Window Tint

KAVACA CERAMIC IR is crafted with Ceramic Pro’s innovative nanoceramic technology, carefully layered to provide outstanding heat rejection, UV protection, glare reduction, and crystal-clear visibility.

The ceramic film used in this product is completely free of metal and crystalline components. This unique feature ensures exceptional signal clarity for a wide range of electronic devices, including cell phones and satellite radios.

KAVACA Ceramic IR is offered in 6 shades that you can customize to fit existing privacy glass on your rear windows. Get crystal-clear visibility and top-notch heat rejection with clear VLTs.

The advanced technology of KAVACA Ceramic IR gives you a long-lasting, non-reflective, and color-stable finish that won’t fade away. Take your ride to the next level with style and performance.

Nanocarbon Technology Window Film

Carbon-X-Window Film

The Best Entry-Point to Window Film

KAVACA Carbon X provides unmatched comfort through its state-of-the-art carbon window films, combining advanced technology with exceptional craftsmanship.

Our groundbreaking use of nano-carbon technology has allowed us to develop an exclusive formulation that guarantees remarkable color stability without compromising crystal-clear clarity. This unique blend ensures that our product maintains its exceptional quality over time.

KAVACA Carbon X makes use of authentic nanocarbon particles in its film, eliminating the necessity for metals or dyes to achieve outstanding performance specifications in its category. This guarantees that KAVACA Carbon X retains its vivid color and withstands fading over time, ensuring long-lasting durability and vibrant aesthetics.

The KAVACA Carbon X doesn’t disrupt cellular or radio signals; instead, it harnesses the power of nano-carbon particles to selectively obstruct Infrared heat and UV bandwidth, guaranteeing remarkable clarity. Consequently, it proficiently obstructs over 99% of UV Rays and up to 95% of IR Heat.

The KAVACA Carbon X is offered in sleek Black and sophisticated Charcoal colors, seamlessly enhancing the privacy glass of your vehicle.

Benefits of KAVACA Window Films

Great Investment

KAVACA Performance Window Films installed in Niagara Falls are meticulously designed to safeguard the interior of your vehicle. 

Our comprehensive range of products effectively blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, ensuring the preservation and longevity of your interior materials.

Increased Safety & Privacy

Our range of window films offers a variety of Visible Light Transmissions (VLTs) or shades. This allows you to select a shade that can effectively darken your rear windows.

Moreover, our films provide an added layer of security. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, the glass adheres to the film, greatly impeding thieves’ attempts to gain access to vehicles.

Energy & Fuel Savings

KAVACA Films offers industry-leading heat rejection properties, effectively insulating the interior of your vehicle and preventing the intrusion of heat or cold through the windows.

By reducing the reliance on AC and heating systems, they contribute to energy conservation and decreased fuel consumption.

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