Window tinting is quite simply, the application of a thin film that increases the window’s ability to deflect light and UV rays away from your car. 

Tint film is available in a variety of shades that either slightly or significantly darken the windows.

Getting your car tinted has many advantages besides the colour change:

Privacy: You will eliminate the fishbowl effect, meaning you have privacy when driving.

Heat rejection: Reduce the amount of heat that enter the car through the windows, lower the cost of A/C.

Glare reduction: Reduce the amount of bright light that enter through the windows.

Safety: the window film will hold the glass from shattering into pieces upon impact.

Security: Make it harder for thieves to check for valuables inside your car.


What is Window Tint ?

In this video you will find what you need to know about our window tinting procedure.

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