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Our Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer is the go-to destination for top-notch ceramic coating installation services in the Niagara Falls area. We proudly serve Fort Erie, St. Catharines, Welland, Thorold, Grimsby, Hamilton, and other cities along the Niagara Peninsula..

Ceramic Pro is a global leader in nanoceramic technology. As an exclusive Elite Dealer, we provide our valued clients with the highest-quality coatings available today. 

We offer a wide range of ceramic coating packages, from the entry-level Sport six-month coating to the lifetime – ultra hydrophobic performance on display with the Ultimate ION coating package.

No matter what kind of vehicle, boat, or commercial equipment you’ve got, we’ve got a coating package that’s just right for you. Take a look at our coating solutions below and book your free consultation today!

Elite Dealer Exclusive Ceramic Coatings

The World's First ION Coating

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Living in the Niagara Peninsula exposes your vehicle to environmental conditions that can quickly degrade the quality of your painted surfaces. 

From ice and snow to bug splatter and bird droppings, to protect your investment, it’s crucial to pick a coating that is designed to hold up for years.

Our Elite Dealer has established a solid reputation for completing hundreds of ceramic coating installations – for cars ranging from Bentley’s to Tesla’s. And without question, the best ceramic coating we’ve ever offered has recently launched – Ceramic Pro ION.

With the recent launch of Ceramic Pro ION, we’re available to offer our valued clients the Next Generation of coating technology – the World’s First ION Coating.

Ceramic Pro ION is an advanced, multi-stage ceramic coating system that utilizes ION Exchange Technology. This innovative approach seamlessly integrates multiple layers of coating to form a single, robust, and long-lasting layer of protection.

It is a Next Generation coating that offers twice the durability, enhanced abrasion resistance, hydrophobic properties, and longevity compared to previous-generation ceramic coatings. 

If you prefer to have a ceramic coating installed in Toronto, our sister location Ceramic Pro Elite Markham offers the same high-quality solutions. 

Ceramic Pro Coating Packages

Ceramic Coating packages

The Benefits of Ceramic Pro Coatings for Cars

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Protect Your Investment

Ceramic Pro coatings are renowned for their durable protection. Moreover, the warranty is meticulously documented on your vehicle’s Carfax report. 

With routine maintenance and annual inspections, the warranty is transferrable to the new owner. This increases its resale value when it’s time to upgrade to a new ride.

Enhance Gloss & Shine

When you choose Ceramic Pro Elite Niagara Falls to install a coating package, you can elevate the appearance of your vehicle’s paintwork to a whole new level. 

By including paint correction in your coating package, your paint will look even better than it did when you first acquired your vehicle.

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Less Maintenance

Ceramic Pro Coatings possess incredible strength and hydrophobic properties. Acting as a resilient shield, they make it significantly more challenging for sticky contaminants to adhere to the paint surface.

From road salt to bug splatters and other unwanted substances, these coatings make the process of washing them away effortless.

Start Your Elite Dealer Experience

Picking the right ceramic coating installer in Niagara Falls is just as crucial as the right product.

Our Elite Dealer in Niagara Falls gives you the flexibility of working with a single service provider, that will give your vehicle a luxury auto restyling service with a focus on quality. 

Your Elite Dealer Experience begins by contacting our award winning team. We’ll take time to explore all Ceramic Pro coatings and packages, and help you choose one that makes sense. 

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