What Makes Ceramic Pro ION Coating the Best in Niagara Falls?

ION Top Coat

If you’ve been researching nanoceramic coatings for a while and trying to figure out the best coating for your vehicle in Niagara Falls, you might have been a bit overwhelmed by all the options. But here’s the good news: even the flagship Ceramic Pro products we still offer at our Elite Dealer have been outshined by the launch of Ceramic Pro ION coatings.

Thanks to amazing advancements in manufacturing technology, Ceramic Pro has just launched ION. It’s a dual-product coating for cars that uses Ion Exchange Technology to create a single, thick, strong, and long-lasting layer of protection for your entire ride.

Even better, if you live in Southeastern Ontario, in cities near Niagara Falls, it’s exclusively available at Ceramic Pro Elite Niagara Falls. Plus, if you live in Toronto, you can get ION coatings at our sister location in Markham. 

In the info below, we’re gonna dive into why Ceramic Pro ION is the absolute best ceramic coating service for cars in Niagara Falls. We’ll introduce you to the technology and science behind this Next Generation ceramic coating and show you how it tackles those pesky issues that Niagara Falls vehicle owners deal with all the time.

What’s Unique About Ceramic Pro ION Coatings?

Ceramic Pro changed the game in the automotive industry with its groundbreaking launch of the world’s first-ever multiple-layered ceramic coating, also known as 9H. They also introduced Ceramic Pro Sport, making professional coatings more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Every year, this manufacturer keeps coming up with new products that push the envelope and change the game of automotive surface protection.

When the Ceramic Pro ION coating for cars system debuted at the 2022 SEMA Show, they didn’t just change the game – Ceramic Pro created a whole new one.

An ION coating is genuinely unique. It uses some of the same ingredients that high-quality ceramic coatings use, but the way they are manufactured and blended is completely different.

ION is an exceptional ceramic coating system that harnesses the power of ION Exchange Technology. This groundbreaking technology seamlessly merges multiple layers of coating, resulting in a resilient and long-lasting surface. What sets it apart is its ability to fortify the atomic bond within the coatings and the original substrate upon application.

The outcome? A ceramic coating that boasts twice the durability, reliability, and longevity when compared to conventional nanoceramic coatings.

This innovative product forms a durable and transparent layer, providing your car with a sleek and hydrophobic surface. Not only does it offer exceptional shine, surpassing other ceramic car coating options, but it also enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle.

How Does Ceramic Pro ION Technology Work?

ION Exchange is a sophisticated chemical manufacturing process that allows for the gradual enhancement of substance density. It’s not brand new – it’s been used in several industries in recent years.

ION Exchange Technology is the cornerstone of water purification, boosting the efficiency of mechanical components with top-notch lubricants. It even offers ultra-durable screens for state-of-the-art smartphones.

The scientific geniuses at Ceramic Pro found a way to seamlessly incorporate this tried-and-true technology into cutting-edge nanoceramic coatings. And the best part? It doesn’t disrupt the application process or the quality of the result.

The entire process is now faster, and more efficient, and results in unparalleled abrasion and scratch resistance.

The installation of this cutting-edge product involves a two-step process.

The coating job begins with the application of Ceramic Pro ION Base, creating an unbreakable bond with the automotive paint. As it cures, ION Top Coat is applied.

During this stage, the Top Coat assumes control, substituting the smaller IONs in the base coat with larger ones. This process reduces the gaps between molecules, further reinforcing the chemical bond with the automotive paint, and enhancing its strength.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Resistance to Light Scratches
  • Enhanced chemical resistance, specifically against brake dust particles.
  • Exquisite Glossy Finish & Brilliant Shine
  • ION’s single layer offers equivalent protection to that of two layers of traditional nanoceramic coatings.
Ceramic Car Coating Installer

Why is ION Coating the Best for Niagara Falls Car Owners?

When you live in Niagara Falls, you’re well aware of the relentless assault that our vehicles endure from the surrounding environment.

As the winter season sweeps across Ontario, subjecting us to ice storms, our cherished cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles bear the brunt of freezing temperatures and the unwelcome residue of road salt that clings to their surfaces, a consequence of traversing the highways and city streets during snowy conditions.

During the spring and summer seasons, large insects tend to make themselves at home on the front end of your vehicle, side-view mirrors, or even the windshield.

Installing an ION coating, however, alleviates some of the arduous tasks we face throughout the year in Niagara Falls.

  • Protects Painted Surfaces from Bug Splatter and Bird Droppings: Once your car’s paint is coated with ION, it becomes incredibly smooth and slick. This makes it significantly more challenging for bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap, pollen, and other natural toxins to adhere to the surface.
  • Simple to Clean During the Year: When Ceramic Pro Elite West Niagara Falls installs an ION coating package on your car, it becomes effortlessly clean. This is particularly beneficial during winter when road salt can be easily removed.
  • Improves the Shine and Depth of Paint: ION is impressively thick, elevating the brilliance and luster of your factory OEM paint job to new heights.

What Are the ION Coating Package and Warranty Details Available?

Ceramic Pro’s network of Elite Dealers offers exclusive sales and installation of this top-tier ceramic coating. Once the ION coating is installed, the warranty will be recorded on your Carfax vehicle history report.

We offer two ION installation packages:

When considering the facts presented above, along with other ceramic coating packages available in Niagara Falls, it becomes evident that nothing compares to the exceptional quality and value offered by ION Coating.

Whether you opt for the two ION coating packages – only available in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario at our Elite Dealer, you’re getting the Next Generation coating on your valuable car, truck, or SUV.

As a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, we take pride in providing a range of exceptional services in Niagara Falls, including top-notch window tinting. Our KAVACA Ceramic Window Tint offers unmatched value in heat rejection.

Additionally, we are thrilled to offer the Ultimate Armor package – a groundbreaking full exterior protective service that comes with a lifetime warranty. Experience the pinnacle of quality and protection with us.

If you’re seeking the finest ceramic coating in Niagara Falls for 2023 and beyond, the choice is crystal clear. Click the button below to request a complimentary inspection, allowing us to offer you the optimal recommendation for a ceramic coating installation service that aligns perfectly with your needs.

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