Why Ceramic Window Film in Niagara Falls is the Best Investment for Car Owners

best ceramic window tint in Niagara falls

Anytime you invest in automotive restyling upgrades for your car, truck, or SUV in Niagara Falls, you want to get the best value – right? Whether it’s getting a ceramic coating package, or a clear bra added to your vehicle, spending money on protecting your vehicle needs to improve your comfort, resale value, or reduce damage.

This is why adding ceramic window film in Niagara Falls to your list of vehicle upgrades is one of the best investments you can make.

Ceramic window film is the latest evolution in tint for cars, trucks, and SUVs. It utilizes nanoceramic technology to block up to 99.9% of harmful and damaging UV radiation, and 98% of heat-producing infrared rays.

Not only that but when it’s installed on the inside of your side windows, it keeps automotive glass from shattering, which keeps your valuables protected in case of an attempted break-in.

More importantly, if you’re ever involved in an accident, the glass won’t shatter and potentially hurt you or your family members.

There are multiple reasons why ceramic window tint should be on top of your list of vehicle upgrades.

So, if you work or live in Niagara Falls area, Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington, Oakville, and other cities in Southeastern Ontario, Canada, this article will provide the factual insights that will prove why high-quality ceramic window tint like KAVACA Ultimate IR is an exceptional product – at an affordable price.

What is Ceramic Window Tint?

There are several outstanding window tint installers in Niagara Falls and other cities in Southeastern Ontario. Many of them offer a wide range of tint products, ranging from cheap dyed films to state-of-the-art metalized and ceramic tints.

A ceramic window tint is an innovative film that offers exceptional value for your investment. It is meticulously crafted using advanced technology, premium-grade raw materials, and precise manufacturing processes.

Nanoceramic technology has replaced conventional metallic window tints that can disrupt electronic signals, including radios, cell phones, and satellite services like XM Radio.

This window tint can be professionally installed on the rear and front windows, and in certain cases, even on the windshield. It is also compatible with roof glass commonly found on Tesla’s, Lucid Motors, and other EVs.

It is highly effective in blocking infrared rays, preventing the entry of UV light, and offering advanced solar protection.

KAVACA Ultimate IR sets the benchmark for high-end window films, offering a range of darkness percentages, known as VLT, that few other ceramic tints can match. And better yet, it’s only available at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers in Niagara Falls.

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What is the Difference Between Ceramic Tint and Regular Tint?

Did you know that the top-selling aftermarket product sold in Canada and the United States is window tint? In fact, more than 30 million car owners in North America add tint to their windows every year. Modern films are manufactured much better than in years past.

This has caused a lot of confusion about what makes a ceramic tint different than others on the market. So, let’s break it down simply as to what makes a ceramic window film different than dyed, metalized, and crystalline window tint.

Reason #1 – Ceramic Tint Offers Superior Heat Rejection – Without the Side Effects

The most common reason for upgrading to a premium window film in Niagara Falls is to help with heat rejection. Automotive glass is naturally great at reflecting about 60% of ultraviolet rays.

But UV is what causes materials to fade, dry, and crack. It’s also responsible for causing skin cancer. It has nothing to do with generating heat.

However, heat is produced by infrared radiation or IR from the sun. Modern films – such as metalized, crystalline, nanocarbon and ceramic tint can reflect up to 99% of IR from entering your vehicle. With metalized or crystalline films, a side-effect is that they can also block radio, satellite, and cell phone signals.

KAVACA Ultimate IR has got the ideal mix of nanoceramic particles and IR-blocking materials, which can block up to 99% of the infrared heat you feel.

By utilizing a ceramic window tint, you can improve the insulation within your vehicle, thereby reducing the amount of heat that escapes through the windows.

It is important to note that this type of tint does not employ metallic or crystal particles in the film, which means it does not interfere with incoming or outgoing signals while installed in the vehicle.

Reason #2 – It’s Available in Multiple VLTs or Shades

Picking the ideal window tint for your car, truck, or SUV is key to nailing that perfect style. Fun fact: over half the folks in Niagara Falls go for window film to jazz up their car windows and give them a cool, eye-catching look.

This is typically accomplished by incorporating a darker tint or VLT, as dictated by the specific window tint laws in Niagara Falls. This not only adds a stylish touch but also ensures compliance in one fell swoop.

But hey, not everyone thinks dark windows automatically mean elevated style.

There’s a growing trend where people are opting for a 70% VLT or almost see-through tint that not only provides excellent heat rejection but also gives a visually appealing look.

KAVACA Ultimate IR gives you options to choose from when it comes to the darkness of your windows. Whether you prefer a darker shade for more privacy or a lighter hue to keep the heat out, without compromising vision, you can customize it to suit your style and needs.

Reason #3 – Lifetime Warranty on Ceramic Window Tint from Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro partnered with Carfax to introduce the Appearance Protection Service reporting feature. This groundbreaking feature was originally developed and launched in 2018, empowering certified Ceramic Pro installers to seamlessly attach their professionally installed coating packages to their clients’ VIN.

Ceramic Pro Americas has recently introduced Paint Protection Film and Ceramic tint to their extensive range of auto restyling services. This expansion has seamlessly integrated additional options into our Appearance Protection Service, encompassing these exceptional offerings within our lineup.

KAVACA Ultimate IR comes with a lifetime warranty and Carfax documentation. This awesome warranty covers adhesive failure, peeling, delamination, fading, and cracking.

And you know what’s even better? The warranty is tied to the vehicle’s VIN, so if you ever decide to sell, the coverage smoothly transfers to the new owner.

Reason #4 – Significant Improvement in Clarity

Older metalized window films used to be a real pain, making everything blurry and messing with your radio or cell phone signal. Sure, they blocked the infrared rays, but at what cost?

Ceramic Pro’s Ultimate IR is an outstanding product that not only enhances cellphone signals but also provides unmatched visual clarity. Its undeniable superior quality leaves no room for doubt.

Further, when you have a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer install your window film, it will be completed by factory-trained technicians. So, you won’t have to worry about any damage being done to your interior materials.

Get Ultimate IR Exclusively at Ceramic Pro Elite Niagara Falls

Ceramic Pro Elite Niagara Falls goes beyond safeguarding your car’s exterior, offering customizable window tint, PPF or coating packages during the same appointment. We offer a complete one-stop shop for complete automotive restyling and detailing solutions in Southeast Ontario.

Elite Dealers are the prestigious Ceramic Pro installers, offering the world’s finest technology embedded in our ION Coatings and KAVACA Performance Films.

Additionally, if you’re in search of the world’s first comprehensive exterior vehicle protection package supported by a lifetime warranty, look no further than Ceramic Pro Elite Niagara Falls, where you’ll have the opportunity to add the Ultimate Armor package to your vehicle.

Ceramic window tint is by far the best value in a sea of films on the market. If you’re curious about buying ceramic tint in Niagara Falls and wish to schedule a single appointment for comprehensive vehicle protection services, simply click the button below to book your complimentary consultation with our Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer today.

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