Winter Washing Tips for Your Ceramic Coated Car in Niagara Falls

If you’ve had a professional ceramic coating applied to your car in Niagara Falls, congratulations on making a smart and proactive decision. Ceramic Pro coatings are designed to protect OEM paint and exterior surfaces from exposure to hostile environmental conditions common with winters in Ontario.

However, washing your car in Niagara Falls during the freezing temperatures and constant threat of snow and ice is challenging. It’s always preferred for a ceramic-coated vehicle owners to have their cars, trucks, and SUVs washed every two weeks during winter by a professional detailer in Niagara Falls.

But there are a few things you can do yourself to maintain your ceramic-coated car in Niagara Falls in between your auto spa appointments. In this article, we’ll discuss a few easy-to-follow tips for winter car washing to reduce the potential damage to your ceramic coating and keep the vehicle clean and shiny.

Place Your Safety FIRST – Always Keep Your Windshield Washer Fluid Tank Full

Winter driving can be challenging, especially when visibility becomes an issue. In Niagara Falls, where snowy days are not uncommon, windshield visibility poses a significant problem for all drivers. While being proactive and adding a ceramic coating glass package helps reduce visibility problems, you can’t depend on it solely when the snowy roads begin to melt.

That’s why vehicle owners must take a proactive approach and ensure their windshield wash fluid tank is filled to the brim during the winter months. By doing so, they can tackle this obstacle head-on and drive with confidence, even in the harshest of weather conditions.

However, some car owners may think it’s acceptable to mix regular tap water with windshield washer fluid. But this is a bad idea. Not only will the water freeze, but it can also lead to the unfortunate consequence of damaging your washer fluid tank and leaving it empty just when you need it the most.

Take Care of Your Tire Sidewalls

During the cold winter season, it’s not uncommon for road grime to cling to the sidewalls of your tires. While it may give your tires an unsightly appearance, it’s important to note that the road grime, along with the winter road salts, can accelerate the deterioration and aging of your tires, causing them to crack prematurely.

Cracks in the sidewalls of your tire can make it more vulnerable to roadside punctures. If you’ve ever had a flat tire on a winter night, you know how frustrating and hazardous it can be.

In addition to scheduling regular monthly car washes and detailing sessions with a professional detailer, consider requesting the application of a high-quality tire conditioner as a final touch. This will not only enhance the appearance of your tires but also create a protective barrier on the sidewalls, making it more challenging for road salt and grime to adhere.

Wash Inside Your Garage If Possible

For those with the flexibility of keeping their vehicles in a garage, it’s worth considering the use of a rinseless car wash. This innovative car washing solution, when mixed with fresh water, enables you to clean your vehicle without the need for a hose to rinse off the soapy water. It’s a convenient and efficient way to maintain a sparkling, clean car.

This product is perfect for car owners seeking convenient winter washing solutions. The soap effectively encapsulates dirt and debris, lifting it off the vehicle’s surface for easy removal.

If you’ve never heard of this type of product, here is a video that explains how rinseless car washing works. This specific product is not available in Canada (due to continual issues with shipping from the US into Canada).

But you can find many other products that are virtually identical to this Americana Global Rinseless Wash.

Here is a bonus tip. Rinseless car washing isn’t the best for cleaning wheels and tires. However, you can use a dedicated wheel & tire cleaner inside the garage – which allows you to correctly prep those tires for the conditioner treatment we mentioned above.

Schedule Monthly Professional Detailer Car Washes in Niagara Falls

Washing your car in below-zero temperatures can be quite challenging. Finding a day with warm weather and sunshine is not easy, and even if you do, the water will evaporate rapidly in brisk conditions. This can result in scratches, etching, and damage to the delicate materials on your vehicle’s exterior.

To avoid the risk of causing damage, it is highly recommended to opt for a monthly or bi-monthly car wash performed by a professional detailing shop in Niagara Falls.

By entrusting your vehicle to an expert detailer in Niagara Falls, you can rest assured that it will be washed indoors, in a temperature-controlled environment. This ensures the utmost care and protection for your beloved vehicle.

With the use of top-notch automotive detailing supplies, our team not only ensures a thorough car wash, but also employs high-pressure water and effective techniques to eliminate stubborn road grime and salt.

Additionally, we apply a specialized detailing after-wash spray that provides enhanced protection and a smooth finish to the exterior. This added layer makes it more challenging for slush and road grime to adhere to your vehicle.

By implementing these winter car detailing tips mentioned above, you can effectively maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle all year round. Additionally, by applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle, you can safeguard it against environmental exposure and potential damage.

If you’d like to schedule a wintertime car detailing appointment in Niagara Falls or want to learn more about ceramic coatings for your car, truck, or SUV, contact our team today!

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