5 Tips for Choosing the Best Paint Protection Package in Niagara Falls

Vehicle surface protection used to be a luxury upgrade for car owners in Niagara Falls. But as environmental factors continue to grow, and automotive OEM paint jobs become lower quality, it has become crucial to find the best paint protection package in Niagara Falls. Choosing the perfect paint protection package from the numerous options on […]

What Makes Ceramic Pro ION Coating the Best in Niagara Falls?

If you’ve been researching nanoceramic coatings for a while and trying to figure out the best coating for your vehicle in Niagara Falls, you might have been a bit overwhelmed by all the options. But here’s the good news: even the flagship Ceramic Pro products we still offer at our Elite Dealer have been outshined […]

Why Ceramic Window Film in Niagara Falls is the Best Investment for Car Owners

Anytime you invest in automotive restyling upgrades for your car, truck, or SUV in Niagara Falls, you want to get the best value – right? Whether it’s getting a ceramic coating package, or a clear bra added to your vehicle, spending money on protecting your vehicle needs to improve your comfort, resale value, or reduce […]

Lamborghini Revuelto: Is the SF90 in trouble?

Lamborghini has just released footage and specs of their new legacy supercar, the Revuelto. For the first time ever, it’s a V12 with electric plug-in technology producing 1025 bhp—basically the same V12 engine from the Aventador but 37.5 lbs lighter and 2 more electric motors. To us, it sounds exactly like the Aventador. 0-60 mph […]

20 Frequently Asked Questions about Ceramic Coatings.

ceramic coatings - 20 FAQS

What is a ceramic coating? A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the surface of a vehicle. When cured, it forms a durable, transparent layer of protection on top of the paint. How does a ceramic coating work? A ceramic coating works by bonding with the surface of the paint, creating […]

Auto Detailing In Winter Months

auto detailing in winter.

Even during the chilly winter months, keeping your automobile looking and running at its best may be accomplished through auto detailing, which include cleaning and maintaining both the inside and outside of a vehicle. In this post, we’ll go over some of the major advantages of winter auto detailing and how it may help shield […]

What is a Ceramic Coating ?

Ceramic coatings are a type of protective layer that is applied to various surfaces in order to improve their durability and resistance to damage. These coatings are typically made of a mixture of ceramic particles suspended in a liquid solution, which is then applied to the surface and allowed to dry, forming a hard, protective […]

Why Do New Cars Need Paint Protection?

Aside from a home, a car is likely the most expensive investment that people have. Like all investments, maintaining value also means working to protect them. For cars, there are many things we do to protect our investment. For example, you will periodically change your oil, have your brake pads replaced, and align your tires.  […]

How to Explain Ceramic Coating to Your Mom (or wife)

If you have a new car that you’re wanting to keep in great shape, you’ve probably done a lot of research into technologies such as ceramic coating. While you may know that ceramic coating provides a number of benefits such as helping your vehicle keep a glossy sheen, you may find yourself having difficulty explaining […]

Paint Protection Film: Expectations vs. Reality

showing protection of PPF option on a Tesla Model 3 Model

Most of us want to ensure that our car stays in top condition. Thus, it is not surprising that you’ve probably heard of paint protection film. This is a thin, lightweight, ultra-strong coating that helps protect your car’s paint job from scratches, dents, and damage. However, there are many myths out there regarding paint protection […]